Dean Gibson RC Primary School

Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School is situated on the edge of Kendal. We serve a wide area including surrounding villages. As a Catholic School, the philosophy and ethos of Dean Gibson is firmly rooted in Catholic tradition, with an emphasis on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

We have in place a stable and strong leadership team, with a renewed focus on improvement throughout the school. The staff's commitment, dedication and ability to work as a team, has greatly contributed to our rising standards particularly at Key Stage 2. Our 2008 our Year 6 SAT's were within the top 3 in the country!

We have well behaved motivated children, who are keen to learn and enjoy their work. Our ICT suite has enhanced our ICT facilities and contributes to the raising of standards in this area and across the whole of the curriculum.

It is our aim to make Dean Gibson Catholic Primary School a happy place: an extension of a happy family home. The teachers and staff wish to be partners with parents/carers in sharing the privilege of educating children to a high standard.

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