Kendal Midday Concert Club - Primary Schools Concert

On the morning of Wednesday 4th March, 360 children and staff from nine Kendal schools were treated to an excellent concert by the Jan Kliphuis Trio at Kendal Town Hall. The concert was organised by the Kendal Midday Concert Club and was free to pupils of Kendal primary schools.


The Jan Kliphuis Trio are one of the best jazz violin trios in the world and their music was thoroughly enjoyed by all the children and staff. Some of the comments from the schools attending show just how much they valued the opportuntity and how it inspired the children.

Dean Gibson - "Our children really enjoyed the concert.  It was pitched well and they interacted with the children, giving time for questions.  The children were spellbound throughout watching the different techniques shown and all were raving about the experience on their way home.  I've also had a couple of parents mention that their children enjoyed it today, along with our guitar teacher, who had pupils sharing their experiences with him during their lessons."

Vicarage Park - "Staff and children had a great time, Thanks"

St Thomas' - "I went to the concert with our Year 6 children yesterday – it was really great!  It was pitched exactly right for children and really engaged everyone there – adults and children!  What a lovely way to spend a Wednesday morning! Thanks for organising it for us!"

St Mark's - "The children really enjoyed the concert (and came back singing . . .which is always a good sign !)"

Sandgate - "Much enjoyed by Sandgate students, many thanks."

Mike Poole from Stramongate Primary School took the photographs which show everyone having a great time.

Next year's concert will be on Wednesday 2nd March and will feature Flercussion, a duo of Calum Huggan (marimba and percussion) and Jo Ashcroft (flute). Get the date in the school diary now!


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